At Brigid Book Works, we understand how important it is that businesses create and maintain a good image. Our team of writers and editors can help you build a prestigious brand, satisfy your customers, or attract investors through clear and compelling communication.


Business and Finance – This service is for any business or entrepreneur in need of a professional writer or editor. Let us write or edit your corporate communications, press releases, white papers, annual reports, user manuals, business plans, proposals, banners, brochures, blogs, newsletters, website content, etc.

Technology – This service is for tech companies in need of writers or editors who understand technical jargon and terminology and can rewrite documents for the layperson. Our team can help you communicate with your target audience clearly. We write or edit magazine articles, press releases, user manuals, annual reports, consumer reports, business plans, blogs, newsletters, website content, etc.

Medicine – This service is for hospitals, doctors with private practices, and companies selling medical equipment in need of  writers or editors. Our team has extensive experience in the medical field and can help you write or edit academic journal articles, attract online audiences through blogging, clarify internal documents, or apply for grants and funding.

Nonprofit Organizations – This service is for NGOs, charities, and other nonprofit organizations in need of writers and editors. We can help you write proposals, apply for government grants, or solicit other funding opportunities.