At Brigid Book Works, we know what makes a manuscript attractive to literary agents and editors. We can help you polish your prose, write a winning query letter or book proposal, and assist you in finding a literary agent or publisher.

Traditional Publishing services

Ghostwriting – This service is for authors who have a good book idea but don't have time to write a full-length manuscript. At Brigid Book Works, we have an award-winning team of ghostwriters versed in a wide range of specialties. We work with celebrities, politicians, health professionals, international businesspeople, tech gurus, fiction writers, memoirists, and so on. We work hard to match you up with exactly the right person to develop your book.

Manuscript Evaluation – This service is for authors who need help getting to the next draft. The manuscript evaluation is a big-picture view of what is working in the book and what needs to be improved to get it to publishable quality. For fiction and narrative nonfiction, we take a deep look at the plot structure, point of view, character development, and dialogue. For general nonfiction, we focus on the book's organization, clarity of ideas, and marketability. This service includes a detailed written analysis and an intensive, over-the-phone feedback session. It is intended to guide authors through the revision process.

Developmental Editing – This service is for authors who have a completed manuscript and need it edited for plot/structure issues or gaps; character development, point-of-view, language, or dialogue concerns; style, grammar, or syntax errors; or other contextual problems. Developmental editing focuses on the content of the work, the way it should be organized, and other big-picture issues. With this service, the manuscript is turned over to the hands of an experienced editor, who will do the revisions on behalf of the author.

Copyediting – This service is for authors who have a finished book and need someone to comb through that manuscript for one or more of the following mistakes: grammar, spelling, syntax, or style guide errors. Copyediting focuses on errors at the sentence level. It is also known as line editing.

Query Letters – This service is for authors who have a completed manuscript but need help pitching literary agents or publishing houses. Even the most talented authors can have difficulty "selling" their ideas and qualifications. Take stress out of the equation and let one of our experienced team members write your query letter for you.

Book Proposals – This service is for nonfiction authors who have a book idea they need developed and want to pitch in proposal format. Sometimes, authors can land a book deal without writing an entire manuscript first. Instead, they can write a book proposal, which is a detailed document that positions the book in the current market and highlights its relevancy. At Brigid Book Works, our book proposal format has proven to be effective again and again. Please contact us to find out more!